2024 WICC Recap

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Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge had its first event of 2024: WICC, the Wauna Inductions and Ceremonies Conference! Over 100 members traveled to Camp Meriwether from January 26-28 to learn all about ceremonies, Elangomats, and everything involving the Induction process. This year, our theme was Strengthen the Ties of Brotherhood! What makes WICC unique is that it is structured like an induction weekend, with Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, and Brotherhood ceremonies being performed throughout the event.

Friday night there was a fun campfire program, followed by a quality Pre-Ordeal Ceremony demonstration. Saturday, after breakfast, the morning classes started, covering everything from the Ordeal Ceremony and being an Elangomat, to unit elections and callout ceremonies. After lunch, the hands-on workshops began with personal ceremony coaching, certification, and practicing. During this time, three chapters, Cascadia, Four Winds, and Pacific Trail, competed in the Pre-Ordeal Ceremony competition by performing in front of a panel of judges. Four Winds won, with Pacific Trail close in second!

Saturday evening was marked by an Ordeal ceremony demonstration after dinner, which was followed by two Brotherhood Ceremonies, sealing 30 members into the Brotherhood Honor. Sunday morning, our chaplain held a great Scout’s Own service to end the weekend. All in all, WICC was a successful event to kick off 2024 and prepare our lodge for the induction season!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Kol Helland


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