2023 WICC Recap

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On the last weekend of January, Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge met at Camp Meriwether to reconnect with the spirit of the Order of the Arrow.

The weekend was filled with trainings and workshops to teach our members how to be an Elangomat, ceremonialist, and much more. From these trainings, the lodge gained many Arrowman interested in ceremonies and other ways to help out. The trainings had high attendance and were very helpful to the many youth and adults who attended. They taught how to get started being a ceremonialist, an Elangomat, or induction staff. They taught advanced techniques to improve the feel of the ceremony. They even taught how to drum and play a flute for a ceremony!

We also conducted a model ceremony for the Pre-Ordeal and Ordeal, followed up by a successful Brotherhood ceremony gaining us many new brotherhood members.

Wauna La-Mon’tay’s guest, Bill Hartman, the founder of the Elangomat program and the modern day induction, told many stories and gave our members a new insight on the history of our Order.

Overall, the weekend was incredibly successful and the staff team — organized by Wauna’s ceremonies vice chief Rai Istook – did an amazing job. Be sure to attend next year as the event is open to any and all brothers!


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