2022 WICC Recap

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The Wauna Inductions and Ceremonies Conference was an amazing event that led participants through a modeled experience of the induction weekend in order to help Arrowman to realize the deeper meaning and importance of it. Upon arrival on Friday night, participants were given time to fellowship and mingle while playing games such as Inductions Jeopardy and doing other various activities. Later that evening, attendees saw a demonstration and breakdown with dialogue breaking down each part of the Pre-Ordeal Ceremony for all to see and understand the deeper meaning of.  In the morning, they went to classes and had the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors about how to be better Inductions Masters, Elangomats, and of course Ceremonialists. Participants had the ability to learn from an out of Section guest, our Section Chief Benjamin Flores, and our very own Lodge Chief Mason Lewallen. After lunch, attendees participated in workshops that gave more individualized instruction and feedback on what they could do to fulfill your role in the induction weekend. Following the workshops in the afternoon, there was a demonstration of the Ordeal Ceremony leading into dinner with fantastic food and then Potlatch afterward. During Potlatch, there were gifts for all and a captivating Potlatch ceremony to watch. WICC was an engaging and astounding experience for all those who attended and we highly recommend not missing out on next year. It is truly this years ‘WICC Learners’ who will make the transition from Candidate to Arrowman a better experience for all. See you next year! Yours in Scouting, Bryant Gillins 2022 WICC Chairman & Ceremonies Vice Chief


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